Ohaus Moisture Analyzers

Moisture analyzers are analytical balances which are important tools to ensure quality control. This small equipment is mostly used in food processing labs to check the amount of moisture present in a product. Some moisturizers like Ohaus Moisture Analyzers are used in the food industry to testify food quality.

This article presents some basic information about moisture analyzers and their work. After reading this article, you would know why and when these analyzers are used. In addition, you would read the step by step process of using a moisture analyzer.

What Is a Moisture Analyzer?

A moisture analyzer is a small instrument used for measuring the moisture content of a product or sample. It is also known as a moisture meter or moisture balance and consists of a heating unit and an infrared weighing.

Moisture Analyzers as Quality Tools

The amount of moisture in a product is considered an indicator of quality and freshness. In addition, these analyzers work as quality control tools for large equipment. Generally, large oven dryers are used on production lines to perform bulk drying of products.

Sometimes a sample is taken out from product line and tested for moisture content to ensure that these bulk dryers are working correctly.

How Does a Moisture Analyzer Work?

Moisture analyzers usually measure the moisture content by using LOD or ‘loss on drying’ method. This is an easy and most common method for testing the moisture content.

First of all, the weight of the sample is measured using the balance unit of the Moisture Analyzer. Then the sample is heated and dried using an infrared radiator or a halogen lamp. During this process, the gradual decrease in weight is recorded and the final weight is measured after the complete removal of moisture.

Once the sample stops losing weight, the final weight is noted down. After that, the difference between the initial weight and the final weight is calculated to count the total moisture content. This process is referred to as the thermos-gravimetric principle.

Step by Step Guide

The latest moisture analyzer like Ohaus Moisture Analyzer is easy to use without prior training. However, there are some precise steps that one should keep in mind to get precise readings.

Here’s a step by step guide to measure the moisture content for any specific products.

  1. Before start measuring the moisture content, make sure to program the balance accordingly. Make sure to establish the necessary procedures for the products being tested. Follow the operational Manuel issued by your company or perform the procedure using the below guidelines.
  2. Tare the balance by placing the sample plate on the balance plate holder.
  3. Spread the product evenly on the sample plate in the required amount and then record the weight.
  4. Before starting the sequence, make sure to close the cover of the moisture analyzer.
  5. As soon as the process begins, the display panel of the unit will continuously update the weight status. Once the dry weight is stable and drying is completed, the analysis process will automatically terminate.

You can also stop the process manually after a specified time. However, keep in mind that you need to recalibrate the moisture analyzer on a regular basis. This has to be done every time you move the equipment from one place to another.

Why Moisture Analyzers Are Used to Measure Moisture?

In some industries like agricultural, textile, pharmaceutical, and food industries measurement of moisture content is of utmost importance. A slight difference in the moisture content can affect product quality, pricing, shelf life, and weight. The use of a quality analyzer ensures that your product quality remains the same all the time.

Bottom Line

Moisture analyzers are an essential part of the quality control process. They can help you counter check the moisture content and ensure that your product is following the recommended regulations. Also, you can check from time to time how your large equipment is working.


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