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Looking for the headphones that can give you quality sound, better comfort at a reasonable price, then you have come to the right place. Plantronics headsets are the name of class and quality sound without any doubt. They are featured with amazing latest technology that would make you fall in love with them. They have comfortable wearing, extended battery life, near-flawless wireless connectivity, and, of course, quality sound.  The wireless connectivity allows you to stay connected with your devices on the move without any interference during a conversation. With a ton of options available, have a look at these selected best budget headphones for you by Plantronics, name of the Quality sound.

Plantronics CS540-xd Wireless Headset

These high performing earphones are designed to make you comfortable with all-day wearing. They are available with three different wearing styles, like over-the-head, around-the-ear, and on-the-ear. They are highly comfortable and light-weighted to wear for the long shift hours according to the desired style. They supply you with a talk time of up to 6 hours. They weight around 21 grams. They provide you excellent wireless frequency range of 350ft. They possess high audio performance up to 6800Hz. They are featured with hearing protection that protects your ears against sound levels. They come with a year warranty from the manufacturer that saves you from the early replacements as well.

Plantronics CS520 Bluetooth Headset

 These Plantronics wireless headsets are ideal for office and desk-centric workers. They are easy to set-up and simple-to-use, offering a wireless range for managing desk phone calls. They are manufactured out of reliable and durable material that makes them an efficient choice to buy. These binaural headsets bring you hearing peace as well as crystal clear sound like never heard before. They provide you 9 hours talk time that is enough to go for a whole shift. They are engineered with DECT technology that allows you to hear a natural sound. They provide you a wireless range of 350ft, which enables you to roam around the place without being disconnected from your devices. They are featured with noise-canceling technology that gives you a distortion-free environment to listen to the calls and your music without any inconvenience.

Plantronics Savi 8240 Office UC NC Convertible Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Savi 8240 delivers superior comfort in a small design. They are perfectly designed for your ears and are lightly weighted to make you feel comfortable on the go. You can stay connected with your devices by Bluetooth technology and can transfer your calls from your softphone to your smartphone. They are engineered with DECT technology 6.0 and made with an advanced audio distribution profile. They are determined to provide you 13 hours of talk time with the freedom to roam about in the wireless range of 590ft. They take about 3 hours to charge with a battery capacity of 490mAh. They are integrated with hearing protection Sound Guard digital to save your hearing against sound levels above 118dBA.

Plantronics Savi 8245 UC Convertible Unlimited Talk Time Bluetooth Headset

These headsets are an ideal choice for people with greater mobility during office hours with unified communication integration. They supply you with superior call quality and all-day talk comfort. They get wirelessly connected with multi-devices such as smartphones, desk phones, and laptops. They are featured with DECT and noise cancellation technology that allows you to hear clearly regardless of the noise environment. They are featured with call controls that give you full control of your device at such affordable prices. They provide 13 hours of talk time with voice alerts to make you aware of important notifications.

Plantronics Voyager 4220 UC USB-C Bluetooth Wireless Headset  

These top-rated HD sound wireless headsets offer exceptional sound quality to hear without any distortion. They can be multi-connected with PC, laptop, or mobile via Bluetooth (USB dongle for an instant plug and play install) technology. They are perfect from listening to your favorite music and podcast to taking calls. They are highly comfortable to wear for the long office sessions as ear-cushions are made out of quality soft leatherette. The frame rim is covered with head pads to give your head a total relief and better grip to wear. The enhanced voice alerts announce remaining talk-time, mute and connection status.

So, the above given headsets mostly picked from the latest Plantronics Headsets range. I am sure our effort will be helpful for all of you in the selection of wireless headsets. If you need more Plantronics headsets, then just visit here.


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