Galaxy NGC 5364

The Hubble House Telescope captured this picture of NGC 5364, a grand design spiral galaxy. Credit score: ESA/Hubble & NASA, L. Ho, P. Erwin et al.

This eye-catching galaxy is named NGC 5364. 

Unmistakably a spiral, NGC 5364 can be one thing generally known as a grand design spiral galaxy — a descriptive identify deserved by solely one-tenth of spirals. Whereas all spirals have a construction that’s broadly related, there may be fairly a little bit of variation amongst particular person galaxies; some have patchy, oddly-shaped arms, some have bars of stars chopping via their core, some are colossal and radiant, and others are dim and diminutive. Grand designs like NGC 5364 are in some ways the archetype of a spiral galaxy. They’re characterised by their outstanding, well-defined arms, which circle outwards from a transparent core. 

Regardless of being categorized on this approach, NGC 5364 is way from excellent. Its arms are asymmetrical in comparison with different grand design spirals — that is regarded as because of interactions with a close-by neighbor. This neighbor and NGC 5364 are tugging on each other, warping and transferring their stars and fuel round and inflicting this misshapen look. 

This picture was captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble House Telescope’s Superior Digital camera for Surveys and Huge Discipline Digital camera three.


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