Apple is closing ALL stores, corporate offices, and contact centers in China due to Coronavirus through Feb. 9, the company says in a statement.

Source: Pro Pakistani

Apple is shutting down all of its stores in mainland China until February 9 amidst fears of the coronavirus outbreak. The company says that the move comes out of an “abundance of caution and based on the latest advice from leading health experts.”

According to an official statement provided to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the American tech giant will be shutting down all its corporate offices, stores, and contact centers in China through February 9

Corporations worldwide are weighing options on how to respond to the coronavirus epidemic. Airlines across the globe have halted flights to China, Honda and Nissan have evacuated their workers, Starbucks has closed down more than 2000 outlets across the country.

Apple has also restricted employee travels to China and has put in new guidelines for the cleanliness of its stores and employee health. They have issued a new revenue forecast statement that is more uncertain than usual due to the virus situation.

The company’s online store, however, will remain open even with all of its brick and mortar stores closing down.


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