How to find the body temperature of a butterfly

How to find the body temperature of a butterfly?

Scientists in the UK have recorded the body temperature of butterflies. It wasn’t because the butterflies had a fever.

The idea of ​​determining the body temperature of butterflies was conceived by researchers at the University of Cambridge who are trying to find out how different animals can raise or lower their body temperature.

Researchers hope that the results of research on butterflies can help to prevent the onset of environmental illness.


How can the temperature of the butterflies be taken?

Butterflies are very fragile, so scientists have had to use very precise instruments to determine their body temperature.

To ensure critical butterflies do not get damaged in an attempt to record temperatures, the scientists developed a very fine thermometer that measured a quarter of a millimeter.

Experts brought the towels into a trap and touched their bodies with a thin device that could detect the temperature.

Researchers managed to detect the temperature of the butterflies in just five minutes. During the same process, they also find out if the butterfly is male or what is the condition of the female and their wings.

Researchers were able to determine the body temperature of more than two thousand butterflies and there were many different types.

Why was this done?


Determining the body temperature of butterflies is an attempt to protect butterflies from the dangers of global warming. Different types of butterflies have different ways of dealing with heat.

Some types of butterflies have the ability to heat their body easily in cold weather, while others reduce their body temperature in hot weather.

Dr. Andrew Bladen, leader of the Cambridge University team’s research team, says: “Tattoos that specialize in raising their body temperature are on a cold day in the morning with their daily routines, which include feeding children, Engage in the preservation and intercourse of their area.

Butterflies that are capable of controlling their body temperature are less likely to be affected by climate change.


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